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Psychodynamic Approach to Counselling

This is based on the true knowledge of people and their problems, which is made possible through an understanding of particular areas of the human mind; these are conscious, subconscious and unconscious. This focuses on encouraging the client to examine childhood or early memory trauma to gain a deeper understanding. This in turn may help the client to release negativities that they still hold associated with these earlier events in their life.  It’s based on the assumption that only by becoming aware of earlier dilemma associations can we progress psychologically.

Humanistic Approach to Counselling

Humanistic counselling recognizes the uniqueness of every individual, assuming that everyone has an innate capacity to grow emotionally and psychologically towards the goals of self-actualization and personal fulfillment. It focuses on helping the client to explore their own thoughts and feelings and to work out their own solution to their problems.

Client-Centered Counselling

This is the belief that we all have inherent resources that enable us to deal with whatever life brings.  It focuses on the belief that the client and not the counsellor is the expert on their own thoughts, feelings, experiences and problems. Therefore the client is the one capable of finding the most appropriate solutions. This is achieved by showing empathy, warmth and genuineness; which enables the client’s self-understanding and psychological growth.

Behavioral Approach to Counselling

This counselling approach focuses on the assumption that the environment determines an individual’s behavior. How an individual responds to a given situation is due to a behavior that has been reinforced as a child.  Behaviorists believe that behavior is ‘learned and therefore, it can be unlearned. It aims to help the client modify unwanted behaviors.

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